Homeopathy and Vitiligo

The Practitioners of Homeopathic Medicine claim variable success rates in vitiligo. The classical teachings of homeopathy insist on constitutional prescribing, which means an in depth study of every case of vitiligo on individual basis before remedy is prescribed. Analysis of the constitution involves a study of the patient from various perspectives like physical, mental, emotional psychosocial predisposition along with behavior and personality patterns.

If a homeopathic prescription is offered after such a detailed study of every individual, it is called constitutional prescription. If a constitutional medicine is given in the right dose for and appropriate period, it has a very high probability of success. Homeopathic medicines are hence always oral and topical treatments are against the basic concept of homeopathy.

It should also be noted that Vitiligo is a chronic disorder and treatment may take considerable time by the same token. The treatment may be less effective at the extremes of ages, which means less than 4 and more than 50 years of life.

Sun exposure of the white skin patch is also an important part during the course of most treatment regimens, and the best time for sun exposure shall be from 1100 am to 200 pm.

What else may be required: Some homeopathic authorities have started advising the use of UV light and application of coconut oil on the white skin patches as well. Similarly a few things are advised to be avoided like tight clothing, plastic jewelry, and eating of soda bicarb, vinegar, chocolates, coffee, and stored or canned foods.